Sunday, February 6, 2011

Currently Inspired By...

As if the catchy chorus, the raunchy lyrics, and the upbeat tempo wasn't enough; Rihanna proves once again to be a good girl gone bad in her "S&M" music video. I was inspired by her continuous costume changes that featured a surge of bright colors and promiscuous props. Rihanna continuously pushes the envelope when it comes to her style and her hair, influencing others to use fashion as a form of self-expression. Although I'm partial to my relaxed California chic look, Rihanna's indulgence in patent leather, midriff bearing tops, and booty shorts in the video made me want to hit the gym and try the looks ASAP. Although not as extremely, I think we can all attest to expressing our inner wild child so go on and dress unique and daring today. Sometimes it's good to be a little bad.


  1. I hadn't seen this before! I adore the nude look when she was out on the grass. She makes being tied up look so cute too!

  2. If you like this video, check out photographs by David LaChapelle. Rihanna is being sued for copying his photographs for this video!

  3. Like the video! Can't believe she's being sued! Wow!


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