Friday, July 30, 2010

California Dreamin'

As a self-proclaimed CA fanatic, I am constantly bombarded with questions of my obsession with California. Unlike my nonsensical infatuation with Australia, my obsession with California comes from a lifetime of knowledge and experience. Although California may be renown for a variety of reasons: our beaches, nightlife, a home to countless celebrities, etc...none of these reasons come close to why I love this place. I love our warm summer days and cold nights, the sense of infinitely being young and carefree, and most of all the ultimate California girl style. No I'm not taking about sporting the fake tans and multiple plastic surgeries a la Heidi Montag or the sharply dressed woman who wears heels everyday, I'm talking about the style of the girl who rides her Beach Cruiser everywhere, wakes up at the crack of dawn to surf, and who is perfectly content not doing anything to her hair for days at a time. This girl drinks smoothies by the blender-full, prefers to eat organic, listens to way too much Jack Johnson, and her favorite color is something dramatic like "Orange Sunburst". By no means am I saying that each girl from California falls under this category, but when I think of the ultimate California girl this is what comes to mind. And while I may not be the complete California girl I envision, I definitely aspire to be.
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Body(suit) Bounce

Ever since my introduction to Lady Gaga, in early 2009, I have been fascinated as well as terrified of bodysuits. These glorified leotards left little to the imagination in the bare-all fashion Ms. Gaga wore them. However, despite their scandalousness, these onesies offer an undeniable badass edge to any fashionista willing to embrace the trend. Recently, I gathered up the courage to buy a bodysuit from Urban Outfitters (the fact that the sales associate was willing to give me 50% off didn't hurt either). Seen Here! From the moment I tried it on I felt liberated. The comfortable feel of the cotton and the risque cut-outs in the back had me wondering personally why I hadn't dared to make this purchase earlier. What are your takes on the bodysuit?

Summer: For warm-weather seasons, I love body suits with trousers, fuller skirts, and oxfords. Since bodysuits are so revealing, it's best to keep other features more modest without melting in the summer heat!
Fall: When it gets colder body suits are great foundations for layering. I love how they look with skinny jeans pulled over with cute boots and a cropped sweater. Who says you can't flaunt what you got in the cold?

P.S. This post was made possible by a curious enquirer of bodysuits who requested a post on my Formspring. I encourage you guys to contact me there about any questions you may have or requests for future posts :) Click Here to Formspring Me!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Don't Judge Me...

Saying I'm a shopaholic would definitely be an understatement. Most shopaholics, as some may have seen on True Life: I'm a Compulsive Shopper, don't realize they have a problem with spending. I however, see the problem, and am enabler to myself. Is it bad that I don't care? Don't judge me! Anyways, here are my most recent purchases!
Reading, shopping, and going out is basically what my life consists of as of late. I thought this photo accurately captured this!
Marshalls/Ross: I found this amazingly cute cardigan that's super long in the front, but a normal length at the back and has buttons at the bottom so that in can be converted into a scarf. I also bought a plain purple T, and a knit sweater with cropped kimono sleeves.
Detailing on the white sweater I bought! (seen above)
Urban Outfitters: I'm obsessed with this bodysuit with the cutouts in the back, it's super slimming and cute. I also loved this soft grey shirt as a layering piece.
I was in love with these cute nail polishes from Urban. I am obsessed with greens and blues for nails currently. It's such a transformation from my usual pinks and purples!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shopping Rehab was Made for Me

Recent Purchases: As promised I'm giving you guys a peak at some recent purchases. However, since I'm a MAJOR shopaholic, I have to update more pics for my most recent purchases today. I'm an addict, but as they say ignorance is bliss.

Currently Obsessed With: Free People's essentials, I love how they took one dress and updated in three cute ways for Fall!

Monday, July 26, 2010

HC ♥s PacSun!

As a blogger I like to let my readers know first, the latest and greatest in fashion. So when I got a newsletter from PacSun via email, I knew I had to scope it out and tell you guys about it immediately. Personally, I think PacSun is a cheap and trendy place to get cute pieces for each season and that also offers shoppers, no matter their location, a taste of the California lifestyle. Here are my favorites!

(Top, from left to right): Billabong Navajo Sweater: When I saw this sweater I instantly fell in love. The length is perfect for layering over a cute longsleeve, jeans, and boots; and the fringe makes this sweater extra special! Billabong Jimi Jacket: This jacket is one part badass and another part New York chic, with a removable hood this piece would look good with a floral dress or a dark wash pair of skinnies. Roxy Long Sleeve Tee: I love how baggy this longsleeve is. It looks so cozy and comfy, and would also be a great layering piece as well. (Bottom, left to right): Sound & Matter Crossbody Bag: Cross body bags hold a special place in my heart because they're just an easy way to look chic. I love the size of this bag because it forces you to carry the bare essentials! Crochet Beanie: Beanies are one of my favorite cold weather accessories, you can either girly them with florals, patent leather flats, and cream knits or make them grunge chic with motorcycle boots, dark jeans, and a baggy sweater. Billabong Hidden Treasure Bag: I love this bag because of the studs and denim fabric. It's an easy way to mix denim on denim in a subtle way, if you aren't ready for the jacket/shirt and jeans combo. Hurley Lowrider Floral Short: I love the dusty floral print, you could take these shorts from summer to fall with the addition of leggings and a long sweater!

Like what you saw? Just click on the picture above and Polyvore will show you where you can order these items online or you can head over to!

Special Thanks: Long overdue special thanks to Mer in Cashmere for my amazing new banner! Mer was so patient with me and made sure everything was absolutely perfect for my new layout and I couldn't be happier! Thanks so much Mer! Be sure to check out her blog which gives readers amazing info on college, beauty, and so much more!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Quickie Post!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posting, my summer has been getting pretty hectic! Here are the cliffnotes: yesterday me and my friends went to a bonfire with my other friend from college and we met some cuties :), I've been cat sitting two adorable cats, and I've been shopping like a fiend. Yesterday, I also managed to check out a couple thrift stores. To be honest, I don't really like thrift stores, I never find clothes and I think most of them smell pretty dank (haha! tell me if you agree) but I am in love with finding accessories there. Yesterday, I found a cute quilted purse with a gold chain as a strap, it's so lady like! I love it. I love how when you get items from a thrift store that there is a history to what you're wearing. I'll be sure to write this purse a good story! I'll be sure to put up pictures sometime soon. Hope you guys are having fun in the summer sun!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Professions of a Shopaholic.

As promised in Shop Much, Take 2! I went to Nordstrom Rack yesterday. Once again, I failed to make any purchases; however, I did spend countless hours trying on designer brands, including the ever-fashionable Elizabeth & James. Let this be known that I officially love trying on clothes at high-end clothing stores, nothing teaches you more about your aesthetic, which for me is still boho chic, than picking clothes despite whether or not you can afford them. I found tons of adorable pieces that I will keep in mind when shopping for fall! My day wasn't all fun and games though :( I totally fell in love with this baggy Free People blazer that day which was a whopping 60% off and spent the majority of the shopping trip debating whether or not I should buy it and in the midst of my dilemma I totally forgot to purchase these really cute black DV by Dolce Vita sandals that I actually needed. You see I suffer from this disease called hugefeet-itis, so basically whenever I find shoes in my size (which is a size 12) it's in my best interest to purchase them because they're hard to come by. Plus the only sandal colors I have as of late are: gold, purple, and this animal print in beige & black. Anyways, this wouldn't be a problem if N. Rack wasn't an hour and a half drive away from my house! But hopefully I'll be going back sometime soon because my mom wanted to return her impulse purchase!

1. I totally fell in love with this Joie floral blouse. It would be really cute with a big grey sweater, dark jeans, and boots. Definitely on the look out for more pieces at this! 2. This top was actually a tight sweater dress with shoulder pads a la Elizabeth and James. I love how classic it is! 3. I'm obsessed with the detail of this Joe's V-Neck, it inspired me to do a DIY version with one of mine. 4. I totally adored this blazer, it was such a tough decision for me to not buy it. It was so lightweight and comfy! 5. This cropped Elizabeth & James jacket had a business like silhouette but was totally biker chic. I absolutely loved it! 6. This Kensie vest was both figure flattering and cute, I loved the ruffles! 7 & 8. This Elizabeth and James tank was my dressing room all-star, I layered all of the jackets I tried on over it but it should really be worn alone. The intricate beading should be flaunted not hidden. 9. My shopping companion! I love my studded slouchy bag. It fits everything including my sequined wallet, phone, and my Taylor Lautner bookmark haha. 10. My second shopping companion! My sister later showed up to join the shopping excursion. Don't you totally die for her fringe Juicy Couture boots? They look kind of ridiculous at first but then they totally grow on you lol!

What's your most prized purchase this summer for fall?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shop Much, Take 2!

I went shopping at Nordstroms again (story of my life!) this time instead of buying stuff I decided to just try some stuff on in the mirror so you guys could get a sense of my style. Sorry the pictures aren't the best! I was working a one woman show as my friends tore up the dressing rooms, ha! Like I said before I didn't purchase anything but I did get to experiment with funky styles! I love just going into stores and just trying on clothes because it's like being a stylist with unlimited wardrobe and you can just have fun! Tomorrow I'm going to Nordstrom Rack for the boots sale, I'll let you know how it goes! What are you guys doing in order to get ready for the fall season?
PhotobucketI was absolutely in love with this sweater! It was so cozy and warm and I feel like I really meshes with the Fair Isles trend seen on the runway! My friend actually ended up buying it, soo cute!PhotobucketYou can see this studded tank in better quality in this post but I really loved the color of this one! I think I'm hoping to find a cardigan in that color for fall.Photobucket This corset shirt was really cute but more like a cami than a corset! And I was in love with this skirt, you can't really see the print but it was cheetah! It was super fierce!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Shop Much?

Today was the first day of Nordstrom's annual anniversary sale! Which is when all of newly stocked fall merchandise is discounted up until August 2nd so that shopaholics (like me!) can stock up for back to school without feeling the guilt of breaking the bank. The funny thing is whenever I go to this sale I never buy any of the anniversary sale items; however, I did pick out some of the items that I thought were adorable. Check out Nordstroms whenever you get the chance!


On my shopping adventure I saw this jacket on the sale rack of Urban Outfitters. I'm completely in love with the shape and texture of the silk rosettes sewn into this badass bomber. I fantasize of wearing this jacket over dresses with poofy skirts and skinny jeans paired with motorcycle boots. I'm absolutely in love!


I ended up buying this grey blazer in a lightweight material, a floral silk shirt, a plain purple tank, and a really cute chain necklace at Nordy's. What do you guys think of my purchases!? Are blazers over? Haha, let me know what you think!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Attent Hut!

Because I'm still obsessing over the military trend and totally dying for anoraks, I thought I'd share with you my favorite of my military-esque discoveries. I present you with Roxy's Rigor jacket! For the price of $69.50 you can walk among the likes of Burberry F/W models in this anorak in the colors: army green, khaki, or black. I love the detachable hood and the drawstring in the back. What are your thoughts? Personally, I'm completely in love!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tickled Pink By Planners

Hey bloggers, as you probably have noticed it's that back-to-school shopping time again. The time where bookstores get an influx of textbooks, department stores start their annual pre-fall sales, and office stores get a new shipment of school supplies. I love this time of year because school supplies happen to be my absolute favorite. In high school I used to use multicolored pens, sharpies, and highlighters to color-code my life and stay organized and in college it was no different! School supplies are a fun way to compartmentalize your thinking and get things done in an orderly and effective manner. So I was completely ecstatic when I went into Barnes & Noble to look at planners and saw U Chic. This planner is specifically for girls in college and has tons of tools to keep you organized such as: color-coded stickers, to-do lists, shopping lists, and advice from other college students. Another bonus? It's this fun pink color that'll just pop in your school tote! I'm completely in love. Honorable mention for a planner goes to Victoria's Secret PINK planner, while I didn't purchase it, the VS PINK planner is another cute organization tool that is sure to have you going back to school in style. I can't wait to see what other stores have in stock for back-to-school! So tell me, what are your favorite things to purchase before school?
P.S. I have been posting a lot lately so be sure to check out my other posts below!

Anorak Adoration

The introduction of a new jacket can be an overwhelming and trying time for people. You find others parting with their previously loved jackets, be them denim or a tailored blazer, for this new style. However with the anorak, seen in several F/W Collections including Burberry, you should not be discouraged. This military inspired piece works great with a variety of styles and adds a grungy chic feel to any outfit. But if you are feeling a little less inspired by this piece, I've put together three looks that may change your mind.

These outfits represent my personal style which was to glamorize this gritty piece with studs, sequins, lace, and my all time fave animal print. Here are some other military-themed Polyvores that caught my eye!
How will you guys be rocking your anoraks?
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