Thursday, July 29, 2010

Body(suit) Bounce

Ever since my introduction to Lady Gaga, in early 2009, I have been fascinated as well as terrified of bodysuits. These glorified leotards left little to the imagination in the bare-all fashion Ms. Gaga wore them. However, despite their scandalousness, these onesies offer an undeniable badass edge to any fashionista willing to embrace the trend. Recently, I gathered up the courage to buy a bodysuit from Urban Outfitters (the fact that the sales associate was willing to give me 50% off didn't hurt either). Seen Here! From the moment I tried it on I felt liberated. The comfortable feel of the cotton and the risque cut-outs in the back had me wondering personally why I hadn't dared to make this purchase earlier. What are your takes on the bodysuit?

Summer: For warm-weather seasons, I love body suits with trousers, fuller skirts, and oxfords. Since bodysuits are so revealing, it's best to keep other features more modest without melting in the summer heat!
Fall: When it gets colder body suits are great foundations for layering. I love how they look with skinny jeans pulled over with cute boots and a cropped sweater. Who says you can't flaunt what you got in the cold?

P.S. This post was made possible by a curious enquirer of bodysuits who requested a post on my Formspring. I encourage you guys to contact me there about any questions you may have or requests for future posts :) Click Here to Formspring Me!


  1. I like bodysuits if they are worn the right way. If someone just wears the bodysuit alone I don't like it.

  2. thanks for u lovely comments hun~
    yes me too !
    its really sexy if its in the right way:)

  3. Hey nice post i love the blue skirt!

    Okay about the featured "Fashionista OTD" interview you'll have to send me an email and i'll reply with the interview questions, because I've just notice you haven't got a contact email address for me to send you the information.


  4. Love the clothes in your polyvore pic :D


  5. i love love love bodysuits
    especially the black one in the center! super cute!
    where is it from?

  6. Nice post and nice blog, I discover it now...

  7. Great idea to tackle the whole bodysuit thing, I was sort of undecided too until I dragged out my old dance leotard and discovered it looked quite swish with a skater skirt. However in my opinion I would HAVE to wear something on the bottom, unlike Kate Moss I think that's a bit too far for most occasions.

    Love your blog,
    Take care!

  8. the black body is just gorgeous!

  9. i really like body suits! and i would also need to wear it with some type of a bottom - unlike kate moss and gaga who can pull off anything!

  10. I like the kate moss' look, but I'm sure I would dress up like that, I mean: she's Kate Moss, she could do everything and remain a fashion icon!

  11. Love this American Apparel bodysuit.

  12. Ohh such a GREAT post! I really need to thank to all of my readers for all the kindness and the lovely words. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm SO glad!

  13. The third pair down on the left, are they studded shorts? I can't tell..

  14. Thanks for your post, I've been tempted to buy a bodysuit for a long time but didn't think I'd have the guts to wear one. Definietely contemplating a thermal one for autumn/winter though!

    Thanks for your comment, great blog!


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