Monday, July 12, 2010

Fashion, Exercise, Hang out!

Being that it's Blogger Bash Week, I decided to take this opportunity for you readers to get to know more about me. No lists, no questions, just purely 100% me.

Lately I have been house-sitting for a co-worker of my moms, mainly due to the fact that I have been fruitless in my job hunt, but despite this daunting fact, house-sitting has been a blast! Basically all I have to do is hang out with the sweetest kitties in the world, clean up, and feed them with the awesome perks of my employer living next to a downtown shopping area and having TiVo. Coming from a household where having cable is taboo, let's just say I've been in heaven! Today, I decided to take a stroll downtown and check out Border's bookstore. Let it be known now that ever since I was able to read I have been hooked on books. However, my taste has developed greatly from my elementary school days where all I read were books by Tamora Pierce. Right now I'm finishing up The Carrie Diaries, a book about Carrie Bradshaw pre-Sex and the City, and then will read Eat, Pray, Love. Upon my arrival at Borders, I was already on a mission, to read Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman's You Know You Want It. I have been coveting this book ever since it's release but unfortunately could not find it in a local bookstore so I was really excited when I found out Border's had it. In the hour that I spent in that store, I totally devoured that book. I love reading fashion-related books because they teach me about what I'm interested in which is really important for me for when I'm ready to choose a career. This book teaches you about what to wear for your body type, how to own your style, and how to take fashion risks. I loved how Daman showed reader's how to find and define their personal style. For example, I'm a bohemian chic with a love for the classic and dramatic (think Nicole Richie meets Lauren Conrad) but the way I dress tends to resemble more of a relaxed look usually because I'm always on the go. Reading this book, I was inspired to own my style and the style I aspire to have; which will help me when it's finally time to shop for fall clothes. I would highly reccommend this book to any aspiring fashionista trying to find her niche. Click here! Also at Border's I managed to get my hands on a couple of international magazines. I go completely nuts for magazines, no joke! I don't subscribe to all of them, which would be wise, but I always end up buying an InStyle, Elle, or Harper's Bazaar whenever I'm in the store. So I was really happy when I found British Vogue at Borders. I love looking at other countries fashions and seeing how the stylists compile season's trends. It's so interesting and a great reference for my fashion career aspirations. But I'm not all books! Housesitting has also been a place where I can work it out. So when I got back from reading I went to the house to pop in Hip Hop Abs. Have any of you tried it? Let's just say I didn't know that I could ever feel that much pain in my abs. Oh. My. Goodness! It was intense but I was really proud of myself. You see this summer I have been focusing on..well myself and just figuring out what I like to do. So I've been trying all kinds of exercises, blogging a ton, and hanging out with my friends and fam! I guess it's kind of my own version of Eat, Pray, Love. Fashion, Exercise, Hangout lol! I used to dance, play soccer, and volleyball so exercising for me is not really about weight, although I would kill for Audrina Patridge's body, but more about feeling healthy and fit so it felt good to do the exercises. The next video I'm going to try is Leandro's Supermodel Slimdown, apparently it transformed Alessandra Ambrosio's bootie. I'll make sure to tell you how it goes! Anyways it's family bonding night so I have to go but I'd love to know what you guys think of me posting like this. I will still keep posting about my inspirations in fashion and getting ready for college but I also want to include stuff about myself. So let me know in my comment box or HERE on my Formspring!

Pics that show my personal aesthetic:


  1. found you through the blog contest thingy. Love your blog (and your aesthetic - very LA chic)

    fellow fashion student here, btw :D

  2. i've been itching to read the carrie diaries too! it looks like a fun summer read :)


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