Monday, July 26, 2010

HC ♥s PacSun!

As a blogger I like to let my readers know first, the latest and greatest in fashion. So when I got a newsletter from PacSun via email, I knew I had to scope it out and tell you guys about it immediately. Personally, I think PacSun is a cheap and trendy place to get cute pieces for each season and that also offers shoppers, no matter their location, a taste of the California lifestyle. Here are my favorites!

(Top, from left to right): Billabong Navajo Sweater: When I saw this sweater I instantly fell in love. The length is perfect for layering over a cute longsleeve, jeans, and boots; and the fringe makes this sweater extra special! Billabong Jimi Jacket: This jacket is one part badass and another part New York chic, with a removable hood this piece would look good with a floral dress or a dark wash pair of skinnies. Roxy Long Sleeve Tee: I love how baggy this longsleeve is. It looks so cozy and comfy, and would also be a great layering piece as well. (Bottom, left to right): Sound & Matter Crossbody Bag: Cross body bags hold a special place in my heart because they're just an easy way to look chic. I love the size of this bag because it forces you to carry the bare essentials! Crochet Beanie: Beanies are one of my favorite cold weather accessories, you can either girly them with florals, patent leather flats, and cream knits or make them grunge chic with motorcycle boots, dark jeans, and a baggy sweater. Billabong Hidden Treasure Bag: I love this bag because of the studs and denim fabric. It's an easy way to mix denim on denim in a subtle way, if you aren't ready for the jacket/shirt and jeans combo. Hurley Lowrider Floral Short: I love the dusty floral print, you could take these shorts from summer to fall with the addition of leggings and a long sweater!

Like what you saw? Just click on the picture above and Polyvore will show you where you can order these items online or you can head over to!

Special Thanks: Long overdue special thanks to Mer in Cashmere for my amazing new banner! Mer was so patient with me and made sure everything was absolutely perfect for my new layout and I couldn't be happier! Thanks so much Mer! Be sure to check out her blog which gives readers amazing info on college, beauty, and so much more!


  1. Love the banner. It is cute and sunny. I really like the pieces in the polyvore too. My favorites are the sweater, the brown bag, and the crochet beanie. I love the length of the sweater, the color of the bag, and I am just in love with things crocheted.

  2. The sweater and the bag....absolutely love them!!!! The shorts are adorable as well.
    The banner is great!

  3. Wow, love the great bag:))

  4. great post!

    check out my latest post

    Vicky from HotGossip

  5. Love that basic tee! And lovely new banner!

    <3 Kelly

  6. I really love that billabong navajo sweater. I've been so impressed lately by the clothes that these surf-ey brands are turning out.


  7. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
    Don't forget to enter my new give away ;)

    - Samm

  8. i love those floral shorts! i'm partial to anything girly ;) and your new layout looks fantastic! i love it!

  9. love love LOVE that scarf! :)


  10. Thanks for the comment! I make my collages using my mac, and I use an application called keynote...which is basically just mac's version of powerpoint, so I'm sure you could use powerpoint too!


  11. Gotta have that Billabong jackettttt!!! argh!!


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