Sunday, July 11, 2010

Christmas in July.

The middle of July is like Christmas for crazy shopaholics like myself. This is the start of summer clothing discounts and the replenishment of stores with fresh new fall clothes. I can hardly contain my excitement as brands and stores begin to release their new catalogs displaying what they are getting in stock cold seasons. And although the weather here still ranges from an intense burning heat to a cool breeze, I can't help but imagine myself in a beautiful fall wardrobe. Setting complete with colorful and crispy leaves and blustery evenings. So you can only imagine how ecstatic I was when I found that Forever 21 had already began to put in some of their fall items yesterday. In fact, thanks to Forever I was able to cross #1 and #4 off of my Fall Wishlist!. I also got a really cute navy dress with an open back, it's perfect because I usually am not able to wear fall clothes until after November because I got to school in southern California.
Sorry for the horrible photos! It's the best I can do with my web cam. Anyways I'm very excited to wear these pieces, especially the gray sweater a la
Stella McCartney! I've already started looking at celebrity candids to get ideas for what I can wear with my items! So tell me what have you guys scored during Summer Sales/Fall Premiere shopping?


  1. i love the mid summer sales, i spend the whole day rooting through all the rails to see what items i can snap up cheaply! You've picked up some great stuff :)


  2. Love this post,
    you have an amazing blog!
    Will be comming back heaps more,
    keep up the awesome work :)

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  3. July sales make my life so happy, honestly. I had WAY too much fun at the J.Crew one awhile back...
    xo Josie

  4. I have been thinking about fall clothes today too! I love the grey sweater with the bow!

  5. Very cute. I am hoping to hit the sales thi week!

  6. I really like the dress! Sales are amazing, and I can't wait to go back to JCPenny and search through their stuff. It's my favorite place to shop. =) I got a ton of pieces from there a few weeks ago when they began clearing out their spring lines. =) Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  7. Love the grey bow top!! So cute

    <3 Kelly

  8. i love the grey top with the bow details, grat finds!

  9. followed :) and your blog is so cute!

  10. i love bows!! so the grey blouse is my fav teehee

    p.s. following back :)

  11. I am planning a shopping trip next weekend! We are going to go shopping all day, catch a movie, and spend the night in a hotel. Then wake up the next and go shopping some more before we have to come home!! My favorite piece you bought is the gray top. I love the bow!


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