Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tickled Pink By Planners

Hey bloggers, as you probably have noticed it's that back-to-school shopping time again. The time where bookstores get an influx of textbooks, department stores start their annual pre-fall sales, and office stores get a new shipment of school supplies. I love this time of year because school supplies happen to be my absolute favorite. In high school I used to use multicolored pens, sharpies, and highlighters to color-code my life and stay organized and in college it was no different! School supplies are a fun way to compartmentalize your thinking and get things done in an orderly and effective manner. So I was completely ecstatic when I went into Barnes & Noble to look at planners and saw U Chic. This planner is specifically for girls in college and has tons of tools to keep you organized such as: color-coded stickers, to-do lists, shopping lists, and advice from other college students. Another bonus? It's this fun pink color that'll just pop in your school tote! I'm completely in love. Honorable mention for a planner goes to Victoria's Secret PINK planner, while I didn't purchase it, the VS PINK planner is another cute organization tool that is sure to have you going back to school in style. I can't wait to see what other stores have in stock for back-to-school! So tell me, what are your favorite things to purchase before school?
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  1. That planner is really cute. I know I have to have a planner so that I can keep up with everything going on in my life. I have to keep up with assignments, meetings, and I have to keep lists of things that I need to do or buy, so a planner comes in handy.

  2. so cute!

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  3. very cute i like girly notebooks and cute pens too :)

  4. Although I'm not heading back to school, I can't get enough of Anthropologie's leather bound notebooks. I use them for everything; planners, grocery lists, journals...my fav!
    Thanks for the comments:)

  5. cuute planner! great buy

  6. I love planners too! I think I'm obsessed!


  7. that planner is so cute! I think I might pick that up, even though I graduated college last year. Do you think that's still okay? haha

  8. I love a nice pink planner! Anything pink is always so much better, right?

    Chic on the Cheap

  9. very cute planner! i like anything that TRIES to keep me organized... :)

    anna jane


  10. i love planners - and i love this one! organizational tools are a life saver. but i totally look forward to back to school fashions rather than notebooks ;)


  11. i love, love school supplies! every year when they start to go on sale i get so excited. i've built up quite the collection over the years, haha. i have a ton of notebook dividers! I love the plastic ones with pockets :)

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  13. Same with Ann! I obsessed with school supplies! My fav is Jordi Labonda notebooks, so stylish!

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