Monday, July 19, 2010

Shop Much, Take 2!

I went shopping at Nordstroms again (story of my life!) this time instead of buying stuff I decided to just try some stuff on in the mirror so you guys could get a sense of my style. Sorry the pictures aren't the best! I was working a one woman show as my friends tore up the dressing rooms, ha! Like I said before I didn't purchase anything but I did get to experiment with funky styles! I love just going into stores and just trying on clothes because it's like being a stylist with unlimited wardrobe and you can just have fun! Tomorrow I'm going to Nordstrom Rack for the boots sale, I'll let you know how it goes! What are you guys doing in order to get ready for the fall season?
PhotobucketI was absolutely in love with this sweater! It was so cozy and warm and I feel like I really meshes with the Fair Isles trend seen on the runway! My friend actually ended up buying it, soo cute!PhotobucketYou can see this studded tank in better quality in this post but I really loved the color of this one! I think I'm hoping to find a cardigan in that color for fall.Photobucket This corset shirt was really cute but more like a cami than a corset! And I was in love with this skirt, you can't really see the print but it was cheetah! It was super fierce!


  1. My favorite is the first outfit. I love the blue top and gray cardigan. So cute!

    My sister and I went shopping this weekend to buy some things for this coming semester.

  2. That first cardigan is lovely, I bought a similar one today (:

  3. Don't you hate that stores are moving in their fall lines already?? Sales in July only means that they are ready to switch seasons... BUT I'M NOT! Even though I don't want to get ready for the fall season, I am excited to wear my boots again!
    I actually recently wrote a post about what to look forward to when fall comes around (it already is here according to the retail industry) you should check it out!!

  4. I like to shop without buying anything! Partly to prove to myself that I can do it, but also because the real joy isn't necessarily in swiping your credit card, it's in the hunt! Looks like you agree!

  5. Love both : ) Have a awesome day xxx

  6. nice! great blog(:

    I'll follow your blog f you'll follow mine:

  7. love that skirt!! i wish i had a nordstom rack nearby - i love that store :}

  8. Hello doll!!
    Nordstroms our favorite! We were pretty when sales rolled around last friday :)

    Following you now --

  9. Love those gold sandals!

  10. love that skirt!'s so gorgeous!
    the sandals are really cute aswell!

  11. WOW, love your blog and style. i foolow you now with bloglovin. come and follow me too, that was soooo nice and you make me sooo happy <3

    love, ayse

  12. Yes I love doing that too! I try them on for the sake of it and pretend they're mine if only for awhile. Hahaha.

    Thanks so much for your comment! (: I'm definitely gonna return to your blog (love it!) and am definitely following you! (: Follow me too? <3


  13. I first thought the skirt was floral and I liked it, then you clarified it was cheetah print, and now i'm in love! Haha.. very pretty outfits!

  14. very cute!
    i'm following you.
    i just started my blog
    please check it out(:


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