Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Quickie Post!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posting, my summer has been getting pretty hectic! Here are the cliffnotes: yesterday me and my friends went to a bonfire with my other friend from college and we met some cuties :), I've been cat sitting two adorable cats, and I've been shopping like a fiend. Yesterday, I also managed to check out a couple thrift stores. To be honest, I don't really like thrift stores, I never find clothes and I think most of them smell pretty dank (haha! tell me if you agree) but I am in love with finding accessories there. Yesterday, I found a cute quilted purse with a gold chain as a strap, it's so lady like! I love it. I love how when you get items from a thrift store that there is a history to what you're wearing. I'll be sure to write this purse a good story! I'll be sure to put up pictures sometime soon. Hope you guys are having fun in the summer sun!


  1. is your quilted purse with the chain similar to the Chanel one? good find! I agree with ya about thrift stores-- the smell makes me light-headed (but I feel stuck-up if I admit it) so thanks for actually saying it out loud!!

    stop by my blog again anytime!! jut updated today

  2. i like your shoes they are beautiful :)
    and your nailpolish is also cool :)

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  3. cool outfit!! and great summer!! :)

    look our blog and if u like it, follow us!!

    xxx from spain!


  4. thanks for your comment. of course I come back ;)

  5. cute outfit, the sandals looks lovely

  6. I love the bag! x

  7. i love your belt buckle and new header!

  8. I like the necklace you're wearing

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  9. you look great and yes, love that bag! :)


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