Thursday, August 19, 2010

BTS Blues.

The first day of school is an opportunity to communicate to others how you would like to be perceived for the duration of the year. While I am not suggesting that one outfit can make or break your time at school, this outfit makes a silent introduction as to who you are. For this reason, around this time each year students and career people alike, rake through their closets to find the perfect statement outfit to show who they are, who they wish they were, or who they aspire to be. As a girl who has shown various parts of her personality through countless first day of school outfits (the rebel, the fashionista, the hipster, etc...) I completely understand what this time period means to most of you.

In my personal experience, middle school was a time for experimentation. A summer spent in New York during the seventh grade had me coming back to California bedazzled, sequined, and spandexed. My best look? Probably not. But it is a part my fashion history which hel
ped me form the style I have today. High school was a time period full of less risks. In fact I wanted to assimilate with the style of my peers, which here in California consisted of chestnut Uggs, Hollister jeans, and Victoria's Secret sweatpants. What I wish someone would have told me at the time was that I should use this time period to find what style works for me rather than what style was popular in my town. Nowadays I have grown into my boho chic style; fostered by my mother's love for Berkeley, wooden jewelry, and diverse spiritualities as well as cultures, my own personal beliefs, and my love for glamour and celebrity life.

Throughout all of my trials and tribulations, fashion blunders and successes I have learned what truly makes the perfect statement outfit.

1. Fit is key. Do you ever notice how you have about a thousand of the jeans in your closet but you only wear maybe like three pairs? The most likely cause is that you bought those other jeans: in hopes that you would lose weight, because they were really trendy, or really just cheap. Save your money for jeans that fit you in all the right places and make you feel like a million bucks. Believe me, I've tried every style of jean made, but when I need to get dressed quickly I always reach for my dark wash straight leg AE jeans that fit me like a glove.

2. You don't need an entire new wardrobe. Last year, in an attempt to reinvent my style for college, I replaced my entire closet with trendy rocker pieces to show my edgier side. Let's just say that some of the pieces have already been donated to Goodwill. You don't need tons of trendy items to make a statement on your first day. Maybe just adopt a couple of trendy pieces to accent your staples. Right now I'm totally obsessing over leopard print anything, fifties pieces, and military jackets.

3. Pick a trend that suits your style. You know how I was telling you about all of those rocker pieces I bought (think studded tops, leather jackets, zippers on everything!!)? Those pieces that were supposed to make me look so badass were worn in the girliest ways possible. (What can I say? I love me some bows and some flats!) No matter what trend you buy into you are going to wear it in a way that feels the most you. So do yourself a favor and pick a trend that compliments your style and makes you feel chic.

4. Staples are your friend. What do a trench coat, blazer, white button down, skinny jeans, and black flats all have in common? They can be worn with a variety of other pieces in numerous ways without looking the same each time. Staples are a life saver! If button downs aren't really your thing (I never wear them so I completely understand) I would suggest V-necks/tank tops in an array of colors. They are super cheap and you will get your moneys worth, guaranteed!

5. Resist the urge to splurge. Most people will tell you that the looks that they most admire are ones that mix high-end items with low items. When you are wearing a forever 21 top, skinny jeans from TJ Maxx, paired with a Chanel bag and Louboutins. Who is going to question how expensive your outfit is, especially when you feel as pricey as you look? Don't have the cash to shell out on the designer duds? Fake it until you make it, confidence wise. (I am in no way supporting the purchase of fake designer handbags). When you feel like a million bucks, you look like a million bucks.

6. Play with proportions, patterns, and color. I love a girl who can wear a tight cocktail dress with a loose long cardigan and booties. Experimenting with proportion and style adds something interesting to an outfit that another person cannot replicate, making it totally unique to you.

7. Accessories are your best friend. I love accessorizing because it's an instant update to any outfit. In the fall, I love drapey scarves, knitted beanies, and slouchy clutches. In the summer I go for a "less is more" approach to accessories rocking a small satchel, leather belts, and stacked bangles. Forever 21 and H&M are great places to find accessories for cheap. However, the more you spend the longer your piece will last.

8. The shoes make the girl. Shoes are an amazing way to give your outfit that edge it needs. While a girl who rocks a floral dress, pastel cardigan, and dainty flats may be cute, her outfit is also predictable. If you are this girl, trust me I've been there, I would suggest a pair of metallic oxfords instead. There is nothing more chic than throwing people a curveball when it comes to how you dress. It shows you are mysterious and unpredictable. What's not sexy about that?

Hope you guys enjoyed my tips and tricks to solving your back to school woes. Let me know what you guys are wearing on your first day of classes or even your back to school woes. Email me if you have any personal questions about BTS at :


  1. Great tips!! Too bad I can't use them since I'm not going back to school, BUT I can use them for work, YAY! :D

  2. This is all really good advice! I know I'm a huge offender when it comes to the jeans. I also think people shouldn't worry about what anyone else wears, they should just go and be who they are. It's such a liberating lesson to learn.

    xoxo, Ashley

  3. #2--so important for me to learn! I don't care so much what other people think, but in a way I do, because first impressions are important. I'd rather be remembered or thought of as dressing smart as opposed to dressing trendy like everyone else. I'm in college, and it's a sea of people dressed in sweatpants, sweatshirts, and flip flops. Not only boring, but it doesn't really send the message of, "I'm here to learn, take me seriously!"

  4. great tips!! I definitely agree on the shoes.


  5. This is an amazing post! Could help a lot of people this year bring their image full circle.

  6. Great post! Love those oxfords BTW!


  7. I think you have some good tips here for those going back to school or for those of us who are just going to work. I totally agree with you about not needing to buy a whole new wardrobe and about accessories!

  8. really awesome tips! they are all so true :) i enjoyed reading this

  9. Really great post! I love the idea of starting with a base of clothes that are super versatile and all fit perfectly, and then mixing and matching them with trendier pieces and fun accessories.

    - Halie

  10. this is great and i totally agree with the tips!

  11. i totally agree with all of this! i am going to be a college freshman this fall and I'm totally with you on the whole basics thing. im about to go buy a whole bunch of leggings. haha

  12. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing :)

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  13. such a truthful post. i still cringe when i think of uggs.


  14. This is a great post! I love all the tips!


  15. amazing post, you hit on so many important points. eek, I am usually unhappy with my closet, but not at the moment haha (hello sales!)

    xxo. f ashioncont a gious


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