Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just throw it in the bag!

So yesterday I helped my friend L pack for her week long trip to Michigan. The things about me and L is that we're shopaholics and totally unashamed. Seriously, her closet is like that of the closet of Mode in Ugly Betty, there are a crazy amount of clothes, accessories, and shoes. It's absolutely fabulous. In fact, all of the clothes I got from the clothes swap were from her! Anyways, so as I helped her pack we experimented with funky outfit choices so she could wow the Michigan hotties and we actually came up with a lot of cute options. (Have I found my calling?) It was so much fun it made me want to do a post about packing and traveling for you guys. So I gotta know, are you guys going anywhere exciting?

TravelFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
The Basics: Three essentials for traveling are sunglasses, a swimsuit, and a purse that can everything you need with you on the plane/road. I created a set that would suit four stereotypes of girls: boho, girly, edgy, and trendy (from left side to right). Personally I find I like to make a statement with these items because when on vacation outfits tend to be more minimal. I recommend bringing a couple of two piece swimsuits to mix and match, it looks funky and unique. Don't forget the sunscreen and towel!

PRE-ORDER ITEM - Miss Ferriday Coral Flirty Romper seen on KIM KARDASHIANJames Perse Cotton-jersey tank dress
Cover-Ups: Swimsuit coverups are vital for travel. You don't want to wear anything fussy over your swimsuit so the less pieces, the better. I love classic jersey dresses and rompers for those days that you just want to wake up and go.

Daytime Wear: Packing simple but cute tops and a couple of shorts are always your best bet for vacationing. They are easy to throw on and very non-fussy. When considering shoes to bring it's best to go with the pair that matches with the majority of your outfits. Personally I bring one bright sandal, one black sandal, and one metallic sandal.
Night Wear: Before I travel anywhere I like to research the attractions the city I'm going to has. It's always best to bring a couple pairs of jeans and at least one pair of heels in case you go to a fancy restaurant, club, or party. The fewer heels, the better since they take up a lot of space.

Stella McCartney Cashmere and silk-blend cardigan291from Venice Hoodie Grape
Outerwear: Keep things to a minimum and bring a cardigan in a neutral color and a bright hoodie for after swimming. The cardigan will dress up your outfit, while the hoodie will make you look a like a bright cutie near the water.

*Accessories: If you love accessories as much as I do I would advise to keep it to a minimum. I know I have definitely lost some of my favorite necklaces taking them on vacation with me. If you must bring accessories, I would recommend bringing studs or bracelets that you would wear the entire stay and a couple of cute headbands, it's very non-fuss but a little bit of sparkle can instantly upgrade an outfit.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Clothes Swap

Yesterday me and my friends had our annual clothes swap, which is basically where we meet at one of our houses exchange clothes that we no longer wear and then donate the rest to Goodwill. I love having clothes swaps because it's a great way to get new clothes for free and then help out a good cause. If you haven't done one before, I recommend you try it out with your friends. Especially if you're on a college budget like me! Here are some pics of my winnings!!

Juicy Couture Purse: To be honest, I think it might have been the label whore in me that wanted this purse in the first place but I'm glad I got it. It has so many compartments on the inside which is key for me because I'm always losing stuff inside of my humongo purses.

Patterned Top: I went with my friend when she bought this at Nordstrom last year, I'm pretty sure she wore it once before putting in the clothes swap. I'm in love with the bright colors, buttons, and overall shape. I can totally wear this with dark skinnies, black flats, and a pretty necklace for a girls night out.

Black Belt: I'm in love with this belt. I mean I probably have way to many belts similar to this but this one looked so classic and it makes my figure look va va voom. Jessica Rabbit anyone?

White Dress: Nothing featured here was from the clothes swap but I did buy this white dress last week. It's pretty simple but it's got pockets and buttons down the front which I love. I planned on wearing it to my Free People if they would only call me lol!

Side Note: I apologize for the tragicness that are some of my outfits! To be honest I'm still in my PJs and most of the outfits include them or are over them haha. Anyways I'd still love to hear what you guys think. Or what you have recently purchased or gotten for free.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Get it shorty!

I don't know about you guys but here in the sunny C it's hot as hell. My air conditioner and pool are seriously my bffs right about now. In all this heat I thought I should do a post about the hottest (ha ha!) shorts of the season. What types of summer wear will you be rocking?

tap shorts.
Tap Shorts: These shorts reminds me of the 50s. I can totally see a fifties woman sitting by the poolside sipping a martini and wearing these shorts. I am completely obsessed!

lace shorts.
Lace Shorts: These shorts are a play on risque lingerie but for the daytime. They are so sexy they have to be let out of the bedroom.

dark denim.
Dark Wash: Dark wash shorts are essential for the summertime because they give a sophistication to an outfit that light wash jeans can't accomplish. Perfect for those summer nights out!
organic cotton.
Organic Cotton: H&M's garden collection totally blew everyone out of the water. I see these shorts everywhere, and for good reason. They are completely adorable and affordable.
California gurls
Embellished Shorts: What kind of "California gurl" would I be if I wasn't completely obsessed with the sequined Diesel's Katy Perry rocked in her latest music video. I'm so infatuated with them I'm thinking bedazzling a pair of daisy duke myself but from now I'll appreciate from afar!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today I was supposed to go to Warped Tour with my friend N (if you haven't gone, GO it's amazing), but unfortunately she had to bail because her brother is doing some intense marathon in Oregon (boooo!). However, this lack of concert going inspired me to do a post on concert attire; because if you guys are like me you totally play part of a groupie the entire summer and run out of ideas on what to wear. So I thought I'd give you readers some pointers while simultaneously sending Mike Posner telepathic messages that he is in love with me!...I mean what?

Bohemian Flutter Sleeve Top

Voluminous Sequin Top
Tops: Shirts that allow your body to breath are always the best because chances are in all of your band lovin glory you are bound to get a little sweaty! Gross i know, but true! The first top would be perfect for an outdoor indie concert and the second top would work best for a hiphop or pop concert.

Shorts: I love distressed light-wash shorts in the summer. Maybe it's the beach bum in me but I think these patchwork ones are perfect for an outdoor concert like Coachella or Warped. The black pair that actually looks like a skirt are shorts for you experimental few. I think they're fabulous in their own way and are very daring!
Perforated Bow Crossbody
Bags: You want to be carrying the bare minimal and this bag ensures just that!

Concert Guidlines:
1. If it flows, it goes! Do not wear a skirt or a dress to a concert. Unless it's a symphonic band where your sitting in your seat the entire time, there is a very likely chance that your dress or skirt will go up at one point. Do you really want to flash an audience?
2.Wear sneakers, boots, or shoes with straps. Preferably you wear close-toed shoes but I always wear sandals. They're just too cute!
3. No jeans! I promise you will be on FIRE when you are in the crowd.
4. Bring a sweatshirt. If you are there for a long period of time it will get dark and cold and you will wish you would have brought one in the first place. So save yourself the hassle of freezing your butt off!
5. Keep what you bring to the concert a minimal. Keys, ID, money. Check? DONE!

So what bands/singers are you guys seeing this summer?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boots & Boys

These shoes have me breaking the bank in a major way this season.

Oxfords: At first, I admit, I was completely disgusted by oxfords. What can I say? They reminded me of those stupid saddle shoes I had to wear in private school. Blame it on the juice, blame it on Vogue, blame it on Olivia Palermo. Whatever it is, nowadays I appreciate the beauty and the sophistication that are oxfords.

Sam Edelman 'Hamilton' Sandal

Animal Print Sandals: These Sam Edelman pair are too die for. There's something that is so chic about animal print shoes and these definitely are up to par.

REPORT 'Otego' Boot

Denim Booties: These are perfect for summer. They remind me of white dresses, lemonade, and tire swings. Denim accessories can be hard to pull of but with a floral skirt, a big brown belt, with a white shirt tucked in, you'll be looking fab!

Poetic Licence Glitz And Glam Ankle Boots

Pumps: These pumps are simply adorable and definitely speak to my girly aesthetic. I am especially in love with these pumps because of the subtle shimmer, fabric bows, and the overall silhouette.

Monday, June 21, 2010


It's suddenly been brought to my attention how easy it is for us to be connected at this day and age. We have our Facebooks, our Twitters, our Formsprings it's amazing. A person from across the universe can communicate with someone from California just by a simple tweet. It blows my mind! But in all of these techonological ways of communicating do we lose a piece of ourselves? And whatever happened to the good old telephone? Regardless, I thought I'd use this opportunity to offer you guys a chance to get connected with me. Tell me what you want to see in my blog, or just your thoughts, or questions. You can ask me here or on my formspring :)

Hope to hear from you guys!
HC ♥

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why are you so obsessed with me?

Rihanna would definitely be asking me this question if she only knew. To the chagrin of my friends and like-minded peers, who would sooner be beat by Chris Brown than to admit to this, I am completely infatuated with her. My obsession goes beyond your typical girl-crush, and is not the result of her chameleon-like hairstyles or shmexy boyfriend Matt Kemp. What draws me to Rihanna is that at the young age of 22 she has become this force of nature: a singer, a dancer, and a fashion mogul; an inspiration to us all. So obsessed? Yes! How could you not be?

Rihanna's Fashion, Hair And Beauty Evolution


Rihanna Style Watch: Safety Google Fresh x Classy


Thursday, June 17, 2010


I can honestly say that growing up in California has truly made me appreciate the summertime. Although I'm sure you East Coast girls are absolutely sick of hearing Katy Perry's hottest single "California Gurls", to me it really is this amazing place. Whether it be shopping, people watching, or getting splashed by the waves; there's nothing like a relaxing day at the beach. This time of the year inspires me to be more carefree in my personal life and sense of style. However, it's not all fun and games, summertime also signifies the end of the college year and the beginning of the job hunt. In the meantime, I'll post a couple of looks I think are totally hot for the season, and may consider wearing for my interviews. Wish me luck as I fight off thousands of applicants vying for the same retail positions, I'll try not to be too vicious! And why don't you also tell me your favorite thing about the summertime or even your favorite looks for the summer, I'd love to hear.
The Haute Californian
Nicole Richie: I am obsessed with her gold sequined jacket thrown over her little black dress. She was recently seen in this look while launching her line Winter Kate in Australia, such a giant step up from her Simple Life days.

Runway by Billabong: Mad props to Billabong who upped the ante in their swimsuits, released in the spring. Billabong, who is typically associated with carefree adolescence, successfully targets an older demographic with Runway by Billabong. The results are stunning swimsuits with beautiful detailing.

We The Free Benjamin Button Down

Free People: FP never disappoints in creating beautifully crafted clothes that are the symbol of summertime. I am completely in love with this look. From the bold costume jewelry to the belted chinos, perfect for a relaxed work look or a lunch with the girls.

J Crew Spring 10 Collection: J. Crew just blew my mind this spring. I have one in the downtown area of my city and I usually just casually pass by but looking at their spring catalog made me want to go inside. It's like their creative director just read my mind with the cuffed shorts, costume jewelry, and sequined shirts. Perfect summertime work or play.

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