Friday, December 17, 2010

A Year and Some Change

In I Heart Your Style, a book about improving individual style, Amanda Brooks urges readers to reflect on their personal lives in order to understand their developments in style. Although skeptical of this exercise (I didn't see how my personal transitions effected my preferences in my wardrobe) I took the time to write down every prominent and compare them to my style at that time. In doing this I found that my fashion choices coincided with what was going on in my personal life. For instance, my sophomore year in high school was a time where I was "the new girl" in my group of friends, I wanted nothing more than to fit in and be accepted. During this time I chose to dress like my peers; which had me searching for the perfect pair of Hollister jeans and Uggs to complete my typical high school girl look. A similar turn of events came during the summer of my senior year. I wanted to look older, edgy even which is why I took this time period to shop at Urban Outfitters on the search for the chained and studded everything. Our personal goals and situations have a great effect on what we wear.

I bring this up because the New Year is fast approaching, what better way to express your new goals for the New Year than a couple of improvements in your wardrobe. For 2011 my main theme is fearlessness. My internal fashionista is yearning for sharp-shouldered long-sleeves, body-conscious skirts and dresses, and a killer pair of heels. But my delicate free-spirit personality finds comfort in my silk and chiffon fabrics, floaty tops, and embellished flats. This is most likely because at college I'm known as the "nice girl", the girl that will gladly do anything for her friends while not giving them crap about it. However, there's a wittier and more sarcastic side of me dying to get out in the form of sexy badass clothes. This year I'm making it a mission to meld these facets of my personality into one; in my wardrobe and personal life.

Rihanna is the perfect example of someone who transitions stylishly to coincide with her personal events. As she develops as a musician, Rihanna has continued to pleasantly surprise the public in her wardrobe and beauty choices.

Let me know how your goals for personal change in the New Year effect for your fashion choices!


  1. How is her book? I always see it and consider getting it!

  2. I love that post :)))))))


  3. I really enjoyed reading this post :) I know that I was for sure influenced by other people or how I thought other people perceived me when I was younger...and I still do to a certain extent but def. not like high school!

    I would love to dress more 'out there' sometimes and I feel like I can pull it off, but I think the inner 'lazy girl' takes over most of the time!

    This is a really great idea for a new years resolution!

  4. Hey!
    I just wanted to tell you that I like your blog!
    I love the posts they're really good.
    Also, I love the fact that you love 90210. Good show!

  5. love her style!
    btw did you get the clutch?

  6. Love that last one! That was in her what's my name video! Love it!

  7. i love how rhianna constantly changes up her style, Great post!

    im so glad you like my feature. the description of the clothing i wore is in my blogiversary post!

  8. I loooove that book! I also have that striped blazer, I am glad to know Rhianna also shops at H&M like the rest of us. I had a post a while back about a cool fashion book I discovered! check it out!!


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