Thursday, January 20, 2011

J'Adore Paris

I love LOVE. The feeling, the action, the falling into, and the very idea of love makes me swoon. Just a four letter word can be an inspiration and a motivator for everyday life. Love is paradise. Nothing says love more romantically than cozy chateaus, picnics in the park with baguettes and brie, and the infatuation with a man who does not know a word of English. So when I got this newsletter from Free People about the Parisian chic twist made to their otherwise very bohemian collection, it was love at first sight. Looking through the January lookbook I felt inspired to infuse the feeling of mysterious foreign adoration into my wardrobe with French accents. Feeling the love? I recommend adding sequined stripes, lace, denim jackets, and chic flats to give your spring wardrobe a European flair. Warning: You might find Jacques are now at your disposal. Tell me what are you falling for for Spring?


  1. Uhm wish I could fall in love soon, there's no better state of mind than being in love, unfortunately can't seem to find the right person, at least not yet! ... So I guess I'll fall in love with every thing I commit to.. Cute blog dear!

  2. Anything involving Paris says love and romance for me...or better yet, Italy! I love, love, love the dress!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. Long skirts are so big for next season and I love this look! So beautiful. :) I also love the idea of romance, especially when portrayed in an outfit!

  4. Wow it is time to start considering Spring fashion isn't it? It is so hard for me to adjust my thinking with all of the snow we are constantly getting.

  5. The high-waisted striped shorts! Want!



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