Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Colorful Approach to Organization

While I appreciate the relaxing nature of summertime, there's nothing like a crisp fall breeze to get someone in the mood for change. Autumn beckons it's recipients to prepare themselves for this seasonal transition with strategic shopping and organization. There are several ways to get ready for fall, be it shopping for knitted sweaters and boots or buying more canned soups to warm yourself amidst the cold weather. However, in my case, it is to retrieve necessary supplies for my suite on campus and the start of classes this September. There's nothing I love more than scouring Target's and Office Max's alike for bright folders (that I later customize), notebooks, and pens to make my school work looking vibrant. As mundane as homework can sometimes be, nothing perks up my attitude than organized notes accented with shades of vibrant pinks, sunset oranges, and ocean blues. Color coding my notes not only makes my work look better but also gains me recognition from my professors. Not every student does classwork in a forest green pen, so it is a sure way to stand out (in a good way). These items add a vivaciousness to an otherwise tense environment and brighten a room. Organization is key during transitional periods, but never boring with a little bit of color.

DSC01263.jpg picture by lifes_awesome





(Pictured: Personally customized folders/binders with matching notebooks; Billabong backpack, VS PINK laptop case, turquoise folder; violet duvet cover, folder organizer, purple corkboards, and purple decorative pillow; a page in my UChic planner )


  1. Adore all of these tips! (: I wish I could actually use folders for school; my teachers make us have a binder, my bag is always super-heavy :/ But I also like collage my composition notebooks with pictures from fashion magazines & cover it with masking-tape, it looks so cute! :) Great post!


  2. i love the stationaries !

    i'm a new follower anyway, hope you'll follow me back :D
    Cloudy Day

  3. I am in love with that laptop case!! my little cousin has the same one and I am seriously debating if I should steal it from her!! :)

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  4. I absolutely love this idea of making homework colorful!! I should definitely try doing this myself! Thanks for the inspiration :)


  5. I love the supplies. I always look for cute bright colors too. I LOVE COLORED PENS!!! I love that you mentioned writing in a forest green pen, because green is my favorite color.

  6. I definitely have a bit of an OCD streak to me. I love trips to Staples, I can always find something I NEED! The supply closet in my office always makes me a little giddy. What a dork.

  7. I had the cutest plaid printed notebooks in college! I love that you chose fun notebooks and folders - who says office supplies have to be boring??

  8. fashion magazines where the papers should be.

  9. LOVE TI! I'm all about colorful organization! You go, girl! :)

    chloe **flowerponychloe.blogspot.com
    *SHOPlovepony.blogspot.com is BACK up


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