Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back to the Classics.

There comes a point in time in an individuals life when they begin to feel comfortable in their own skin. No longer intrigued with the bells and whistles of outlandish behavior, these individuals choose to act in a manner that closely reflects themselves. My life has been shaped by various experiences that make me who I am today and my style has always reflected that. I have previously discussed a couple of coming-of-age stories (see: ) where my style was a direct reflection of how I felt at the time. It is even visible in how I presented myself this previous school year-a myriad of backless tops, lacey bandeaus, and sheer panels for nights out-what image I was trying to portray. However, as the years progress I learn more about myself; my likes, dislikes, what works for my body, what doesn't, and so on and so forth and it's allowing me to find a style that expresses who I am without being excessively ornate. Lately I have been attracted to simpler items that are not only versatile but will also last me a lifetime. It's the dawning of a new era: the call for simple colors and clean-cut silhouettes. Every artist needs a blank canvas to build a masterpiece. I believe it's time for me to wipe my slate clean in an effort to let my personal style and personality to shine through.
1. Nude Steve Madden Flats
2. American Eagle Denim Jacket
3. Classic Slouchy Tee
4. American Eagle Chunky Cardigan in Oatmeal
5. Hurley Knit Beanie
6. J Brand Skinny Jeans in Black


  1. I absolutely agree with the state at the beginning of your post but I don't think I an there yet. I love the basic pieces you chose. They are very chic.

  2. i really need a pair of nude flats. i think everyone does


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