Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today I was supposed to go to Warped Tour with my friend N (if you haven't gone, GO it's amazing), but unfortunately she had to bail because her brother is doing some intense marathon in Oregon (boooo!). However, this lack of concert going inspired me to do a post on concert attire; because if you guys are like me you totally play part of a groupie the entire summer and run out of ideas on what to wear. So I thought I'd give you readers some pointers while simultaneously sending Mike Posner telepathic messages that he is in love with me!...I mean what?

Bohemian Flutter Sleeve Top

Voluminous Sequin Top
Tops: Shirts that allow your body to breath are always the best because chances are in all of your band lovin glory you are bound to get a little sweaty! Gross i know, but true! The first top would be perfect for an outdoor indie concert and the second top would work best for a hiphop or pop concert.

Shorts: I love distressed light-wash shorts in the summer. Maybe it's the beach bum in me but I think these patchwork ones are perfect for an outdoor concert like Coachella or Warped. The black pair that actually looks like a skirt are shorts for you experimental few. I think they're fabulous in their own way and are very daring!
Perforated Bow Crossbody
Bags: You want to be carrying the bare minimal and this bag ensures just that!

Concert Guidlines:
1. If it flows, it goes! Do not wear a skirt or a dress to a concert. Unless it's a symphonic band where your sitting in your seat the entire time, there is a very likely chance that your dress or skirt will go up at one point. Do you really want to flash an audience?
2.Wear sneakers, boots, or shoes with straps. Preferably you wear close-toed shoes but I always wear sandals. They're just too cute!
3. No jeans! I promise you will be on FIRE when you are in the crowd.
4. Bring a sweatshirt. If you are there for a long period of time it will get dark and cold and you will wish you would have brought one in the first place. So save yourself the hassle of freezing your butt off!
5. Keep what you bring to the concert a minimal. Keys, ID, money. Check? DONE!

So what bands/singers are you guys seeing this summer?


  1. Festivals are so much fun. Lovely advice you've given there. Unfortunately I haven't been to any this summer, but hopefully that would change soon

    Thanks for coming by my blog. Do stop by more often ;)

  2. this screams free people ! love the first 2 tops and the headband~
    great blog btw ! lovely pics
    id love for you to check my blog out
    and dont forget to enter in my giveaway

    xo elena

  3. Just followed you! Do the same for me?

  4. i love mike posner! i think i'm going to bumbershoot in seattle this year. i'll definitely take your concert tips into consideration! xoxo

  5. Love, LOVE Mike Posner! Your concert-attire tips are genius, and all of these picks are fab -- especially all of the Free People ones!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is lovely; I can't wait for more!
    xo Josie

  6. I was at Warped Tour last year, it was really amazing and a great experience! In my opinion, it's one of the greater American music festivals.
    If you don't go this year, I really hope you'll get to go next year!!

    I love all the items on your list, but the best is the bag! Last year I made the mistake of bringing a big bag, it was really hard to dance to the music with it! The bag you chose is really cute, and it looks small enough :-)

    Awesome blog! I'm following.


  7. WOW love this!
    thank you so much for your comment.
    You're so sweet.
    Keep following
    Love, johanna

  8. I'm following you sweetie. =)

  9. i love this top... looks absolutely perfect for a summer day :)

  10. Great post!! I'm going to see Kings of Leon in San Diego next friday!! Can't wait... i'm going to remember these tips... esp the sweatshirt! It gets way too cold in SD at night!


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