Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just throw it in the bag!

So yesterday I helped my friend L pack for her week long trip to Michigan. The things about me and L is that we're shopaholics and totally unashamed. Seriously, her closet is like that of the closet of Mode in Ugly Betty, there are a crazy amount of clothes, accessories, and shoes. It's absolutely fabulous. In fact, all of the clothes I got from the clothes swap were from her! Anyways, so as I helped her pack we experimented with funky outfit choices so she could wow the Michigan hotties and we actually came up with a lot of cute options. (Have I found my calling?) It was so much fun it made me want to do a post about packing and traveling for you guys. So I gotta know, are you guys going anywhere exciting?

TravelFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
The Basics: Three essentials for traveling are sunglasses, a swimsuit, and a purse that can everything you need with you on the plane/road. I created a set that would suit four stereotypes of girls: boho, girly, edgy, and trendy (from left side to right). Personally I find I like to make a statement with these items because when on vacation outfits tend to be more minimal. I recommend bringing a couple of two piece swimsuits to mix and match, it looks funky and unique. Don't forget the sunscreen and towel!

PRE-ORDER ITEM - Miss Ferriday Coral Flirty Romper seen on KIM KARDASHIANJames Perse Cotton-jersey tank dress
Cover-Ups: Swimsuit coverups are vital for travel. You don't want to wear anything fussy over your swimsuit so the less pieces, the better. I love classic jersey dresses and rompers for those days that you just want to wake up and go.

Daytime Wear: Packing simple but cute tops and a couple of shorts are always your best bet for vacationing. They are easy to throw on and very non-fussy. When considering shoes to bring it's best to go with the pair that matches with the majority of your outfits. Personally I bring one bright sandal, one black sandal, and one metallic sandal.
Night Wear: Before I travel anywhere I like to research the attractions the city I'm going to has. It's always best to bring a couple pairs of jeans and at least one pair of heels in case you go to a fancy restaurant, club, or party. The fewer heels, the better since they take up a lot of space.

Stella McCartney Cashmere and silk-blend cardigan291from Venice Hoodie Grape
Outerwear: Keep things to a minimum and bring a cardigan in a neutral color and a bright hoodie for after swimming. The cardigan will dress up your outfit, while the hoodie will make you look a like a bright cutie near the water.

*Accessories: If you love accessories as much as I do I would advise to keep it to a minimum. I know I have definitely lost some of my favorite necklaces taking them on vacation with me. If you must bring accessories, I would recommend bringing studs or bracelets that you would wear the entire stay and a couple of cute headbands, it's very non-fuss but a little bit of sparkle can instantly upgrade an outfit.


  1. i love your picks! especially the pink romper!

    Anna Katrina

  2. LOVE! i want the peacock bathing suit! I posted it on my blog a few weeks ago *dies*

  3. love these tips on packing. i just featured those spiked Loubies on my blog too! LOVE them.

  4. Great traveling tips! Makes me wish I were going to go somewhere this summer. Everything has been so hectic here and no one has the same schedule so we just couldn't plan anything. I am already thinking for next summer though! My sister and I are planning to go back to NYC and hopefully a smaller trip this Fall.

  5. Great post!! I just got back from Chicago last night, and this post makes me want to hop on another plane asap! :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. there are so many items from that post we went!!!!!! droooolllll!

    stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it!

    xx .sabo skirt.

  7. Hey sweetie!

    Gimme the hot pink bag! Yummy!
    re: layout, check out here:

    I'm actually re-thinking my layout/design and want to do something myself soon!

    thanks for stopping by lovely.

  8. Fantastic picks. Love the 2nd one.:) Follow you now!SarahD

  9. OMG that teal purse and those round glasses are INSANE! I LOVE!


  10. Love all these outfits! My favorites are those studded stiletto's, those round glasses, and those very california denim looks :)


  11. Love your colorful picks! I need some crop tops in my life!

    Lovely lovely blog! Following you!

    <3 Kelly

  12. i like the second glasses!

    xx charmediem*


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