Monday, June 28, 2010

Get it shorty!

I don't know about you guys but here in the sunny C it's hot as hell. My air conditioner and pool are seriously my bffs right about now. In all this heat I thought I should do a post about the hottest (ha ha!) shorts of the season. What types of summer wear will you be rocking?

tap shorts.
Tap Shorts: These shorts reminds me of the 50s. I can totally see a fifties woman sitting by the poolside sipping a martini and wearing these shorts. I am completely obsessed!

lace shorts.
Lace Shorts: These shorts are a play on risque lingerie but for the daytime. They are so sexy they have to be let out of the bedroom.

dark denim.
Dark Wash: Dark wash shorts are essential for the summertime because they give a sophistication to an outfit that light wash jeans can't accomplish. Perfect for those summer nights out!
organic cotton.
Organic Cotton: H&M's garden collection totally blew everyone out of the water. I see these shorts everywhere, and for good reason. They are completely adorable and affordable.
California gurls
Embellished Shorts: What kind of "California gurl" would I be if I wasn't completely obsessed with the sequined Diesel's Katy Perry rocked in her latest music video. I'm so infatuated with them I'm thinking bedazzling a pair of daisy duke myself but from now I'll appreciate from afar!


  1. Sucha cute blog! :)

    And I would SO wear these shorts!!


    p.s. thx for stoppin by and leavin' the love!

  2. nice post!

    thanks for your comment.
    I follow you now.
    I hope you will do the same for me!

  3. Those shorts are so cute!! Love them!!


  4. What a cute post! I love the shorts. I would want dark wash jean shorts and the pleated ones. I love jeans that are dark wash too!

  5. Great blog! Love love love those pink shorts!! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'll follow you. Follow for follow? :D

    -Kayla, Style and Caffeine

  6. i love katy perry and that song! i love denim shorts. so casual yet cute :)

  7. I love the tap shorts....cause I like everything 50s. And the organic shorts from h&m are a beautiful shade of nude. Love it!

    I thought I'd respond to your question here. I left Lagos when I was a little girl and haven't been back since. I do want to go back this year or the next. My dad tells me everything has changed, and everyone says it truly is a fun place to be.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Do come by more often ;)

  8. So cute. Love the tap shorts!! They are perfect in the summer!
    I will follow you (:
    If you like me blog follow me as well.

  9. great it looks cool
    love it


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