Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's All For You.

Hey you guys! I just wanted to do a quick post welcoming all of my new followers! When I started this blog around six weeks ago, I did not expect such a positive turn out. But I'm sooo glad and I appreciate every single one of you. This is why I want the next post to be about something that you all care about or want to see in my blog. If you want to see an outfit of the day, tell me! If you want to know what you should get for back to school, some of you may be going to college, you got it! I'll do a post on whatever topic I hear the most about. So I'm going to open my Formspring! up to you for your questions. Hope you guys are enjoying your August and the arrival of your September issues!

P.S. Don't forgot to check out this fab interview CG Blogger did with me. Right now on her blog she's been interviewing fashion bloggers about their styles/fave trends. She does an amazing job. So check her out!
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