Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trends: From Summer to Fall

There is something about the air in August. It makes you breathe differently, think unique thoughts apart from those of summer, it even alters the way you shop (goodbye daisy dukes, hellooo zippered cargo pants). Say it, august, kind of sounds like the word change. This transitional period lets us know that our summer days are winding down and to appreciate the ones we have left; to make the most of our time. So would it not make sense to also use this time to make the most of our wardrobes. Yes, my eager beavers, the time is now. Please drop your luxuriously adorned fur suede coats and your chunky sweaters. I know, (oh how I know!), the excitement you feel to rock the latest trends, strutting your stuff in class or your workplace. But I assure you that you will not look like the fashionista you are baking in 80+ degree weather in your winter coat. However, with a few transitional fall pieces and your summer wardrobe you can get the best of both words.
Anoraks: This military jacket can easily transform from the perfect summer jacket to a fall staple. For warmer weather I'm loving this piece with aztec prints, warm brown hues, and thrown over breezy summer dresses. In the fall, anoraks look romantic with cool grays, pastels, and sequins. I know that September issues have overwhelmed you with the idea that animal prints and military pieces belong together but this romantic take gives this jacket a fresh take.
Maxidresses: I'm obsessed with maxidresses for summer; you just throw one on with some statement jewelry paired with sandals and you are out the door. Why let go of this easy piece in fall? Chunky motorcycle boots, fair isles sweaters, and fur vests make this piece current when temperatures decrease.
Military Boots: These lace up beauties are the perfect way to add edge to any outfit. In summer they add an effortless look to your pleated shorts, cropped tops, and brightly hued dresses. In fall I love these boots with cropped, baggy jeans, sweaters, and knit leggings. If your ballsy enough to incorporate these animal print leggings, all the power to you.
Fur Pieces: Have any of you bloggers seen the spread of Julia Roberts in Elle US, Sept 2010. If you haven't I suggest you pick up one immediately! In the spread Roberts is seen in a variety of "world traveler-esque" outfits. The results, an intense obsession from yours truly for all things foreign. I love how fur vests look paired with long skirts, beaded tops, and metallic sandals. For fall, fur looks great over lumberjack plaids and glamourous over sequins.

What trends will you guys be wearing during this transitional period?


  1. I'm in love with the military jacket trend! (: I would also love to rock-out the maxi-dress trend, but unfourtanely, I'm only 5'1, so making it work is extremely hard! Great post! :]


  2. Great post!! I love the selection of shoes, especially the camel cut-out flats in the first collage.


  3. we are loving maxi dresses and cropped tee's for this summer in Australia.. amazing collaboration.. love your blog!

    stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it =)

    xx .sabo skirt.

  4. Love the shoes and the parka coat.
    Very good post!
    I feel the same about August.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. :)

  5. Mmmm I love the motorcycle boots!!


  6. I love these pieces, especially the shoes! The green milatary-style ankle boots are gorgeous!

  7. I am in LOVE with EVERYTHING in this post!OMG these shoes!Amazing!
    follow if u like

  8. really beautiful! this truly is making me excited for fall! also i never thought of layering fur over lumberjack shirts - such a great idea! i'll have to try it :)

  9. I love alot of these items you have here!! Especially some of the shoes :)
    & I would just like to say thanks for leaving so many nice comments on my blog! I really appreciate it!

    XOXOXOXO Ryley

  10. love the fall collages cant wait

  11. love the post

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

  12. Oooh this post is great!! As for the trends...not sure which I will be sporting since I don't have many items XD

  13. gosh ur collages make me wanna shop! great selection!!!

    xoxo jenna

  14. I am so ready to wear a maxi dress instead of pants this fall! What a cool way to keep warm, right? So ready for fall!!


  15. Great post! I would never have thought of wearing my maxi dresses with chunky sweaters for fall! Likewise, I just bought a fur vest and was planning on dressing it up. But, I love the idea of wearing a lumberjack plaid shirt with it for a more casual look (perfect for a mid-fall bonfire party)!

  16. i really enjoyed this post, keep up the good work!

  17. Love the moccasins - unfortunately over my budget...loooove them though.


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